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Help product key wont activate


I will try to make this short and simple, I have a Dell Inspiron Desktop 531 I got in 2008 with Vista on it. I upgraded to Windows 7 about 8 months ago with no problems. Last week there was a problem with my computer that is would not work with my wireless router. It would connect if I hooked it up to modem only by its self but other wise would not go on line. I tried everything I could to fix the problem but it would not go on line. I had to use windows 7 disk to do an install and I did a clean install which I had did before and not had a problem. For some reason this time it will not take the product key it keeps saying it was for an upgrade only not a clean install. well I called Microsoft and no help from them they say to install vista and then upgrade but when I did the install this time it took vista off my computer. I never got a disk and where my back up disk is well who knows. How do I solve the problem Microsoft says that Dell is blocking the product key.


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