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Re: PLEASE HELP! Rectangular blue and yellow bars appear randomly on my monitor, especially when playing video!

Thanks so much for your reply! I'll download the driver from your link and attempt it again this evening. I am running Windows XP SP3. As for maintenance, because of this issue I had, and because of my desire to keep everything as close to the way Windows 95 ran, I never update Windows updates. The very few times I have, I have had some issues. I have my system set up to show everything in Windows Classic mode, and often when I try to update stuff it changes the preferences. So, I hesitate to update anything if it is working fine for me. I am just paranoid about potentially affecting the hard drive and losing data or changing a setting I have.

As for cleaning the card, I am not at all familiar with computer parts. I wouldn't even know what it looks like! If you think that physical dust could cause the issue I described, I'd be happy to try and clean it. In general, about once or twice a year I do open the case and blow the dust out. The issue seems to be virtually non-existent when I do things like visit websites, use MS Word, etc. But when I try to play video or use video phone services for example, it makes the screen virtually unreadable.

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