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Log on to desktop difficulty

Hello -


I am faced with a DELL 8400 desktop PC, running Windows XP.  This station was donated and is owned by the church I attend in our small rural community.  It has some unique aspects to it which the pastor wishes to take advantage of - namely media shout. Along with an LCD projector and sound system. 

My issue is I can only log onto the station as a user.  Someone set up the station with  administrative and limited user accounts.  "NO ONE" has or knows the administrative password - all of the elders and board members are not computer friendly. 

My question is how can I override the or log onto the station by side stepping the administrative account unknown password?  Is there a back door avenue which can be taken? or am I just vacillating in the matrix? hahahahaha

Any help  or suggestions are greatly and sincerely appreciated in advance.


Best regards,



Moran United Methodist Church

Moran, KS

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