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Re: Dell Monitor is Blank

6 beeps plus the diagnostic code point to a memory error. The module you bought simply may not be compatible with your Dell system so that won't us help solve the problem. Dell's are very fussy about memory.

Let's try something over again. I hope you know which are the 2 original modules and which is the new one.

Power off and unplug

Press/hold power button on the tower for ~15 sec

Open the case and carefully remove the motherboard battery (note which side is up!)

Press/hold power button again for ~30 sec

Put one of  the ORIGINAL memory modules in slot 1 (NOTE: slot 1 is closed to the CPU; slot 2 is THIRD from the CPU). Leave the other module out.

Reinstall the battery (Right-side-up!)

See if it boots now with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected.

If that works, repeat the process but swap the other ORIGINAL memory module into slot 1.

If neither module works in slot 1, repeat the whole process with each original module in slot 3 (slot 3 is second from CPU and has different color retention clips than slot 1)



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