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Re: Dell Monitor is Blank

Hi! Okay, received CD from Dell- only question is: I received 5 CD's from Dell! Which do I use!?!

* Operating System (reinstallation DVD Windows XP version 2005 with Update Rollup 2)

* Dell Application (reinstalling Cyberlink Power DVD DX 8.2 software for WIndows XP...)

* Drivers & Utilities (Installing Dell DImension Computer Software)

* Application for reinstalling Dell Tool System

* Roxio creator starter (backup disc...???)

Also, while I have your interest- I want to back up my documents and photos(should this work). Not tons, but enough. What should i back them up on? A Memory Stick? What type/size? I have a few, but saw lots of digfferent ones out there and dont know what the sizes mean.

Thank you!


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