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Re: Dell Monitor is Blank

Put in the Windows DVD and turn on your computer. Press any key when it says "Press any key to boot from CD...".

It will load for awhile, then select ENTER to begin installation. It will say something like "I have found a prior installation, what would you like to do?"

Press R to Repair and wait for the installation to finish. This process may affect some programs like anti-virus, PDF reader and other software. If you have any problems with them, re-install any troublesome software.

In order to backup your data you should consider how much you have. Right-Click My Documents and select properties. This will tell you how many GB of data is in that folder. You will need at least that size of a data device.

My best suggestion is to get an external hard drive (maybe 250GB). It will be the same price as a 16GB flash drive.

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