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Re: TK025 Dual Graphics Riser for T7400 in Dell Precision 690 ?


Gotcha, and I completely agree.  So long as MSquires is not using the P11, and only the P5 & P10, it *shouldn't* be an issue.  Re-reading his post I realized you guys are smart and are using the 1kw PSU. 

P.S. I followed your advice & picked up a PERC 6/i...only 'thing' is that it came with the 'rest' of the Poweredge 2900iii it was installed in...(got the whole setup for less $ than a pulled PERC 6/i was running online).  So I've been playing around with that for a while now...any recommendations on A. WHS 2011, B. SBS2011 or C. 2008R2?  It's for a home server, but I want secure remote access, a domain controller, DLNA compliance, automated backups, and a few other 'goodies' along the way.  Thanks!

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