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Re: TK025 Dual Graphics Riser for T7400 in Dell Precision 690 ?

I purchased an TK0025 SLI riser and related install kit (w/ fan, card bracket and pan (card cage)) originally designed for a 690 and it fit the T7400 fine, so my experience is that the SLI riser parts for 690/7400 are interchangeable.

All of these parts are available on eBay -as are memory expansion riser kits.  

I ordered two 1GB EVGA Geforce 560 (not ti) cards for SLI.  These each require 2x 6pin power sources so I am adding a couple of PCI graphics power splitters to connectosr P5 and P18.

What I don't like about the SLI riser card is that you lose your PCI/PCIe slots if your are using SLI.  

If you plan to use dual SLI with the T7400 this leaves you with three remaining PCI-X slots.

I hoped to use the PCI Express x8 card slot, (wired as x4) for a Perc 6i card.

More bad news is that while you can find PCI-X raid controllers, I haven't been able to find a PCI-X USB 3.0 controller.

-You have to be careful when looking for such a card as MANY PCI-Express cards are misrepresented as PCI-X and sales people listing these items online do not know there is a difference between PCIe and PCI-X cards.

There are PCI USB 3.0 controller cards, but the PCI-X bus speed drops to the speed of the lowest card on the bus so if you pop a PCI card into your PCI-X bus it could radically affect the performance of other PCI-X cards.

I fear the same would also be true of PCI-X to PCIe riser (adapter) cards. (that a PCIe card plugged into a PCI-X adapter would run at PCI speeds).  This wouldn't be an issue if the PCI-X slots have two or more different busses.

Does anyone know if all three PCI-X slots share the same bus? (pardon me if this has been answered elsewhere in the forums).

btw: Happy new year and thanks to all the great contributions to this thread.


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