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RE: TK025 Dual Graphics Riser for T7400 in Dell Precision 690 ?

Kambot, Robinet

I bought a 690 in 2008 and want to scale it up instead of dropping 1000's for a new workstation. I 've read through your thread to gather information on helping me along my scaling up of my 690. But I have lack of direction.

I upgraded

from 8GB Ram > 32GB

GFX card > Quadro FX 5500 (I plan on getting a additional card for 4 monitors total)

single monitors > dual monitors

I do visual effects freelancing need 4 monitors because I really need the screen real estate.

I purchased a new (Dell Precision 690 Dual Graphic Card 16x PCIe Riser Board TC678 NC893 XH821) to insert into the only PCI-Express x16 card slot on the Motherboard. I noticed that the QUADRO FX 5500 GFX card required a output plug to the 750w Power Supply. I currently only have one such plug from my currently power supply.

If I get a 1000w, will this have the necessary plugs to power 2 GFX Cards?

Other things I will need

I will also need a Dell Precision 690 T7400 Riser Card Assembly Kit it seems.

Regarding the Video Card bridge:

What is the Dell Precision 690 SLI Video Card Bridge MJ247 for?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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