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Re: "Issue installing HECI" message upon boot up

I think the op meant "Factory-enabled" - i.e., AMT must be enabled and supported as part of the package you paid for on your particular system(s). There are about 5 settings from the factory: AMT Enterprise mode, Small Business mode, NO AMT, etc.

The WHOLE things with AMT/HECI/SOL/LMS/vPro is VERY & unnecessarily CONFUSING! *IF* there must be a 'specific order' of install, THEN "DELL" should ENFORCE THAT - NOT wait for ITS USERS TO FIND OUT THE HARD WAY! Same way with some 'vague requirement mentioned in the depths of another Dell or Intel doc' that said, "FIRST, ".Net 1.1 must be installed *BEFORE* you do the MEI or SOL/LMS or..." [really, I don't remember the specifics] but it was indicating that, if you DON'T do the .Net piece FIRST, then you are hosed, as far as AMT / HECI (if I am remembering right).

I am (we are) having similar issues with Dell 760/780/790 machines that FULLY SUPPORT AMT/HECI/SOL/LMS/vPro AND we purchased those options, and inside the case, when you slide it off, says AMT-vPro Option 1, which means ENTERPRISE MODE and yet, NOBODY has yet come up with a DETAILED, STREAMLINED set of step-by-step instructions to Install the AMT/HECI/SOL/LMS piece, without getting these ridiculous errors!

I go to Dell, type in model #, Svc Tag, it lets me pull down the LATEST HECI/AMT, chipset, etc, but says NOTHING ABOUT, "Oh, BTW, you MUST install the chipset piece first," nor any other 'order-specific pre-reqs.' This is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!

I have the latest A13/A12/A11 BIOS for 760/790/780 Dell workstiions; when I install ONE of the pieces that Dell lets me download - the MEI piece(?), it installs, but then the HECI piece gives a similar warning to what you mention.

PLEASE, PLEASE *** PLEASE *** someone at Dell or someone else, *PLEASE* create for the Opti 760, 780 and 790 machines a set of ** [ PRECISE ] ** steps to install the AMT/SOL/LMS/HECI pieces, along with the CRYPTIC, "order-specific" pieces, like (execute this: DELL\DRIVERS\R304259.exe), and THEN this: ... etc.

Can you feel me? I mean, it REALLY does NOT need to be THIS difficult for the [PAYING] customer to figure out how to install the requisite pieces to fully take advantage of the AMT/SOL/LMS/HECI features of the 760, 780 & 790 workstations (fyi, we are moving from XP Pro SP2+ to Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit, fyi - for our users - though we techs have Win 7 Pro 64-bit version).

BOTTOM LINE: DELL'S PRODUCTS *SHOULD* INSTALL *WITH* PROPER WARNINGS OF *PRE-REQUISITES THAT ARE NEEDED (not just "generic failure errors); AS WELL AS 'ORDER-SPECIFIC' NEEDS - i.e., if the Dell SOL/LMS piece REQUIRES the HECI driver be installed FIRST, then *THE SOL/LMS/MEI SOFTWARE INSTALL* shoud CHECK and say, "Hey, buddy, you cannot install this until  you first install the HECI Driver R304259.EXE" - I mean, really, how SIMPLE is that?!?!?!?!?

If someone can point me to exact steps to try, I will be happy to follow them and give feedback as to whether or not the steps work. Again, it is *** V-E-R-Y *** confusing as to 'which' piece the chipset update has, vs. which piece the other BIOS-related updates have, vs. WHICH "order" they need to be instaleld in, vs. any additional (.Net ??) requirements must be met BEFORE or 'in conjunction with' installing the specific pieces need to fully utilize AMT/SOL/LMS/HECI/vPro capabilities. AND part of the confusion is that, in one Revision of the chipset, Dell did NOT include some SOL/LMS pieces, and they were separate, and in other Revs, Dell DID include more of the MEI or other pieces, so it is just ONE BIG HAIRY MESS FOR WE [PAYING CUSTOMERS] TO TRY AND FIGURE OUT; and now, our Windows 7 Deployments are stalled and crippled, because we do NOT know WHICH pieces to apply, in WHICH order. We cannot even push the SOL/LMS/HECI pieces with SCCM, unless/until we figure out what is going on with these install errors and issues with HECI and related pieces. Granted, we do have a very few systems that are NON-AMT and/or NON-vPro, but most have AMT/vPro included.

As you can tell, this has been open since October 2011 and is still NOT considered "answered."

Any help that someone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. (one next step is for me to visit Server Admin groups on LinkedIn and see if other admins have resolved these issues).

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