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Vostro 410 - Motherboard upgrade

Hi - I've had a Vostro 410 for a few years. I'd like to put in more than the 4GB of RAM the motherboard (DG33A01) supports so I wanted to swap out the motherboard for something else. Motherboards are something I don't know much about, so I wanted to ask if anyone had done this before, and if so, which other motherboard did you pick?


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Re: Vostro 410 - Motherboard upgrade

Dell systems use proprietary cases and motherboards. That said there is no other board that will work in your system. Your better off either buying a new rig or building your own.

Also in order to use more than 4 gig of ram you need to be running a 64 bit version of windows.

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Re: Vostro 410 - Motherboard upgrade


If it helps I have recently regraded my Vostro 410 by swapping out the old stock mobo and replacing it using the MSI G41M P28 motherboard which although is a bit small does fit in the case fine...

It would also appear that most motherboards will fit into the Vostro. I tried an ancient MS-6728 (circa 2004) and it was fine. I also upgraded the memory to 3 Gb so not sure about over 4 GB. I think it can be done as I have read someone having 8 Gb on his 410 on this forum.

BUT ---

You will notice that when you fit any motherboard, you may need to do some metalwork as the holes that correspond with the onboard connectors will be in the wrong place. To solve this I used a hacksaw to cut out the whole metal area and the pc is fine. When you fit a new mobo you will know what I mean... It isn't hard but may mean you cannot use a backplate?

As for choice of motherboards, I seem to have a liking for MSI ones but thats my own personal preference. Also on a side note the connector used for HDD LED and Power switch may need to be adjusted.

Hope this helps!!!

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RE: Vostro 410 - Motherboard upgrade

If you want to upgrade your ram from 4gb to 8gb all you need to do is update the BIOS TO 1.0.3 and it will will recognize the 8gb or ram. I did that and the computer is working fine.

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RE: Vostro 410 - Motherboard upgrade

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