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Re: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

Sorry .... False - Plain False.

You really think that Intel is making a chipset with no AHCI support in 2011 ?

(We are not talking about RAID here...)

There's lot of H61 Mobo with AHCI Support, Directly from manufacturer (or with an hacked bios if the manufacturer tries to falsely segment his mobo offering...)

Even Intel H61 Mobo supports AHCI !

The H61 Chipset is an H67 with no SATA6Gb (Sata3).

It's not because DELL lists the H61 as not-AHCI capable that this is the truth...

If you want a screenshot of a working AHCI Windows 7 install on a modded Bios Vostro 260, just ask: It works.

I needed it because we are using SSDs, and Trim support relies on AHCI.

And BTW, the H61 is also dual screen capable. It's Dell choice to disable it. And of course it works if you reenable it.


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