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RE: Dell Insprion 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios Setting for AHCI

Great Thanxs for all of you!

Especially for ErwanLeBihan, PippoX0 and Slikkster!!!


I got AHCI running on a "Inspiron 620 (Mid 2011)" and Win7 64Bit, and it works perfect up to now!

I’m patched myself the latest original Dell Bios, which comes as a download named "MS-A10.exe"


I want to give a short wrap up of this huge thread, with the information which was useful for me and took me a while to get it. Also the verification for Bios version A10. All information is already spreaded in this thread. So if you don’t understand any step, you have to read the whole thread.


The patch is no real functional change. It just makes "hidden menus" accessible in the standard bios menu of your PC. The menu is obviously deactivated by Dell, because they presumably do not want to guarantee that it works a 100%. It was probably not tested when they put this PC model on the market in 2011.  


  • The used bios editor is called "AMIBCP4.53" and I found it in the posting "Posted by PippoX0 on 28 Aug 2012 6:22 AM" . As a second source for the feature (if the link fails) I created also a download link which contains just the tool:
  • In the posting "Posted by Slikkster on 14 Feb 2013 9:47 PM" I found the option "/forceit" for the original Dell Bios flasher (Background: The bios updater refuses to update, if the bios is already up to date)


  1. Open the registry editor with command "regedit" on path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci" and change the value       "Start" from "3" to "0".
  2. Find your temporary folder: Open a dosbox and execute "echo %temp%" to print the path.(e.g. "C:\Users\stefan\AppData\Local\Temp" on my pc). Open it in the file explorer.
  3. Get the latest bios from the dell support page (is an executable)
  4. Just start it - nothing more! A folder called "MS-A10" will appear in the temporary folder.
  5. Go to the temporary directory and copy the bios file called "MS-A10.BIN" ( a file with size 4096KB) to another place. Close the tool.
  6. Open it with the bios editor (easiest way per drag&drop on the opened tool)
  7. Make the 5 changes, described by Litwell "Posted by LitwDell on 1 Sep 2012 9:21 AM" in the screenshots. Save! Reopen and check your Change!
  8. Start the original Dell flasher with the force option. e.g.: "C:\tmp\MS-A10.exe /forceit" (Slikkster gives advice for beginners in the post quoted above). If your BIOS is older than the one you are flashing, you can just start the "MS-A10.exe" with double click.
  9. replace the original BIOS file in the temporary folder with your patched version
  10. Press "update" in the Flasher tool and wait till finished.
  11. Reboot, enter directly the BIOS (press F2) and change to "AHCI" mode!!! Start windows, reboot once again, measure your speed improvement, enjoy your new fast PC!


To compare your changes you can download my patched Bios:

If you use this file the risk is up to you!!!


By, and another Thanks to the guys who figured out this!