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HELP!! Upgrading RAM & Bios System Dimension E521

Hello everyone! First, let me give you some info....Dell Dimension E521 w/ 1 GB of memory Windows XP Pro SP3, 32 bit. The computer is so slow I would like to add memory, however, I found out in order to add more memory I will have to upgrade the Bios. As I have never done that I started to research & spoke to a family member who programs and he explained what to do. Upon researching I am finding a lot of people are having major problems with upgrading Bios. I wouldn't be so hesitant if this was my home computer but it is a business computer that I'm helping someone out with & because it is a fairly new business I have backed up everything to a external hard drive so I'm not worried about lossing information just would hate for anything to happen to the computer to cause her to have to buy a new one. So my question is what is the max RAM with a Bios update can this Dell hold. Can anyone send me the information on what is the best way to add more memory / upgrade Bios and is it worth taking the chance. I have cleaned everything out of this computer (unused programs, %temp% files, cookies, disk cleanup & defrag) short of wiping it completely down. I hope I have added enough information as I explained I have never upgraded a Bios before and to be honest I'm a lil apprehensive about it!  Any help will be greatly appreciated! emoticon.Wink.title


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