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Studio XPS 435T and graphics problem.

Started having a stuttering and jurky on my monitor a couple months ago and it is now getting worse. It doesn't matter if I am playing FSX or just checking E-Mail or surfing the web. I have a 6 months old Dell LED monitor and thought that may be the problem. I swapped that out just for a test with a different brand LED monitor and DVI cable and that didn't help. I shut down the computer and pulled off the side cover and checked all fans, All fans are spinning, but the fan on the ATI 4870 graphics card actually slows down enough where I can see it. When that happens the temp will go up to 79c and sometimes higher that's at idle. That's when the screen starts to get jurky. When the fan starts back up to normal speed, the temp comes back down and the stuttering stops. To me that's a graphics card problem, but I ran the Dell support center program and everything passed. I E-Mailed Dell tech support 3 times over a period of a week without a answer. The last e-mail I said my next contact with Dell would be to corp. in TX. 30 minutes later I got a call from Dell support so I guess they do read those E-mails. I had just left my house so really couldn't do anything except make a appointment for when I will be home during the week. The person told me I will have to let a tech get into my computer remotely to change some power settings. That didn't make any sense at all to me. My question to the forum is, could power settings actually make the fan on the graphics card slow down and speed back up randomly like it's doing? Both power plugs on the card are plugged in tight. A little history on the graphics card is that the one that's in there now is the 3rd one in two years so I am a little paranoid of the 4870 card. I am hard of hearing anyway and only understanding 2 words out of 10 from those techs is bad enough so wanted to get some advise before I talk to them next week.



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