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Re: Studio XPS 435T and graphics problem.

They were a day early and called me and tested everything out today. Power settings were right on and everything else was OK except the  graphics card, that was causing the problem. They are overnighting a replacement. Is anyone here familier with the ATI 4870 card? This will be the 4th one including the original that came with the computer since June of 2009. The card works great, but goes bad much too fast. I am hoping they don't even have that card anymore and send something else as this is getting to be too much of a habit.

One thing I can say about Dell and that is once the problem is found they do not mess around getting you a replacement part. The warranty and replacement service is excellent. It was the same on the other graphics cards and also a keypad on my laptop, so I see that as a rule and not an exception.

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