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Re: Dell XPS 600 freezes during gameplay

So I found out the problem. I noticed my Dell has these handy lights under the front of USB inputs. They are labeled 1 2 3 4. And they actually light up in a sequence when the computer restarts after a crash. Only the 2 and 4 lights were lit. Looked up the code in the book and it told me that the GPU (graphics card) was having problems. I installed a EVGA Precision, and it said that my GPU was reaching alarmingly high temps. Took it out and noticed the small fan on it wasn't even working. I modded two bigger fans right under my GPU in an extra PCIe slot and it works great now. No more problems. My GPU stays at a steady 60 degrees celsius now 🙂 Sorry Dell, I didnt mean to bash you. I'll think a little more before I post next time.