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Re: Can't Update BIOUS on T110 II (no USC 'Platform Update' option)

The short answer is "no".  I did figure out that it's normal to not have that option on the T110 II, and that you need to burn the USC to a DVD and use that to configure a USB drive with the BIOS firmware, then boot from the DVD and reload the BIOS from the USB drive (I'm away from my machine at the moment and may have misdescribed things a bit, but that's the jist of it).  Anyway, the process seemed needlessly convoluted and I eventually gave up.  For example, the USC .iso file was too big to fit on a single layer DVD, so I wound up mounting the .iso file and booting that.  Then the files destined for the USB drive were collectively too big to fit on the spare 4GB flash drive I had on hand, so I omitted a few files that obviously didn't apply to my situation.  When I finally got to the point of trying to load the new BIOS firmware off the USB drive I got an error message to the effect that the USB drive wasn't formatted correctly (again, I may be slightly misdescribing things).  At that point I gave up.  All in all, a very frustrating waste of time.
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