Moved Dimension 4300 HDD to 4600 now won't load OS

Hello, We have a Dimension 4300 with a 260Gb HDD. It

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out a couple of weeks ago and found a 4600. I tried the 4600 and it booted up WinXp however we need the data from the 4300 HD so I put it into the 4600 and the system sees it in CMOS. However after leaving the CMOS screen it goes blank for a couple of seconds as if it is going to start loading up WinXp Home (OS same on both hard drives) but then ends up at the Windows options screen (Boot normal mode, safe mode, safe mode with prompt, etc). I have tried pretty much all the options but all that happens in a continuous loop is that the screen then goes blank for a couple of seconds and the returns to the windows options screen.

I have tried the jumpers on the old (260Gb partitioned into two sections) drive to both 'Cable select' and 'Master single' with the same results.

With the 2 drives that came with the 4600 it boots to WinXp (I have both 4600 drives out when trying to get the old drive to boot).

All the programs, data, drivers, etc I need are on that drive not too mention I cannot (even if I knew how) that the boot drive that came with the 4600 is not big enough to hold everything that is on the old 4300 drive (WD2500).

I am wondering if there is something inherent like hidden info. that the system is looking for that does not match up with the drive I put in there or if there is something stored in the MBR or something that confuses the 4600.

Any help is of course greatly appreciated. We don't have the money to take this to anyone which seems silly anyhow as one would think it wouldn't have this difficulty.

As a side note, the battery is apparently going bad in the 4600 as after you unplug the power cord and plug it back in it does not know the time or date.
Also when the 4300

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out I assumed as I saw power come on but nothing on the monitor that either the PSU or CPU had gone out but now if there is no explanation of conflict or the old drive in the new (relative term) system if the HD has issue.

Frustrated as it is needed for getting on the net and such.

Again thank in advance for any suggestions and/or help,


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