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xps 730 & gtx 480

Hi Davet50

First of all i thank you for answering my post & it helped but i am still a bit confused especially after opening up my case & looking at my ps. I don't know much about power supplies or how to read the specs on it. I fpond 3 6 pin connectors each going to a seperate rail i'm guessing each one rated at 12v -- 18 amps. according to your answer, i would need 2 - 6 pin connectors for 2 gtx 480's & 2 - 8 pin connectors. so i already have 2 seperate 6 pin for each 480 , so why can't i use the 3rd 6 pin connector with a y adapter going from 6 pin to 2 - 8 pin connectors to satisfy that part of the requirements.

Just wondering what your thoughts were on & if it might be a remedy. thanks again for getting back so quick.

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