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Re: Case fan for the XPS 8100?

Hmm... my broken case fan is a Foxconn PVA092G12M, which complies with other people that have a XPS 8100. Are you sure the Sunon fan will work?

At least I hope I'll have different models to choose from because the cheapest PVA092G12M I've been able to find is $25. This is mainly shipping because I live in the Netherlands.

It really feels like a waste to spend $25 on a stock case fan 😕


Oh, lazy me, I see that the XPS 8100 is listed in the description. Out of curiosity, are there any more models that would be compatible?


Perhaps I was overcomplicating things... There are different brands I found but they all share the Dell PN X755M. Using this PN, I found this on ebay:

This is the cheapest product I was able to find (shipping internationally). What do you think?

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