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RE: Dell Dimension 2400 w/ Windows 7- CANT CHANGE RESOLUTION???

I did notice that with the stock on-board video on WIN7 on the E310 or 2400s you WILL give up Google Earth capabilities. The way around any incompatibilities is to go search for a Nvidia GeForce 6200PCI 256-512MB (or WIN Vista/7 capable equivalent) card on your favorite auction site and pick one up for anywhere (I got lucky on the low end for a NEW one,) for $12-$30, and you can find them from used to New-in-Box. Just be patient. Before the 6200 is installed, make sure BIOS is set to automatic for video init, and you'll then have dual monitor capability, Just a couple of heads ups. Windows will find drivers, but if I remember correctly, to take full advantage of the card, you will need to find the driver: "307.83-desktop-win7-winvista-32bit-english-whql" and run it. And also to be careful of which output connectors the card has, and which your monitor(s) have. Some cards don't have standard dual VGAs, and you'll need the DMI to VGA adapter, otherwise you'll need to buy one. AND, Google Earth works fine, and your Windows Experience Index will go up noticeably. I haven't tried any other brand or model. I've had good luck with these, no matter which interface, AGP or PCI (plain), or on a Dimension E310, or multiple 2400s. And, if you pay <$25, all the better to save your system.

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