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Dell Precision T1600 will not support dual DVI displays

I'm having a bit of a meltdown here, after being unable to use 2 DVI displays for going on 2 months now.

I just got off the phone with my fourth call to Dell Tech Support, and they are telling me that the bios does not support that option. 

The model I purchased has a display port and VGA connector on the motherbord (Intel C206 chipset). 

Dell Chat Support answer #1 - You cannot drive a DVI display with a VGA connector, even with a VGA to DVI adaptor. 

So I run out and buy a nvidia GeForce 620, dual dvi adapter, install it and the latest driver. Only 1 screen works. The 2nd display is not detected whatsoever.  

Dell Chat Support answer #2 - Your card requires 350w and your Dell Precision T1600 power supply only provides 265w.

So I run out and buy a 450w power supply, tear the thing apart and put it all back together, fire it up and still only get 1 screen.

Dell Phone Support answer #3 - Enable multi-monitor in the bios.

Me - There is no such option.

Dell - Oh, I see here that you are supposed to use the Display port and the VGA port using the C206 chipset. Have you tried that?

Me - I can't. My screens are DVI displays.

Dell: So you do not see any way to enable multi monitor support in the bios?

Me - Nope. 

Dell: Ohhhh, right, according to this chart here, it looks like that option doesn't ship with the bios on your machine.

Me - That's what I just told you.

Dell: I'm sorry but there's no way to make dual dvi displays work given your system configuration. 

Me - Can't I just install the bios version that comes with the Dell Precision T 1600 that has a PCI graphics card? I mean, dual display features are advertised heavily with the T1600. I can't believe it won't work.

Dell: I'm sorry, but that wont work. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Wow, unreal. I'm posting here to see if by chance someone reading has any better ideas than selling this thing on eBay or Craigslist and buying a properly manufactured computer with a respectable bios.

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