Re: Dell Precision T1600 will not support dual DVI displays

Dear SalientDigital did u tried to update the T1600 bios to A14? Did u have the card on the first PCI-E slot? Whatever it might help i've seen that with the Quadro 570 FX the multi-monitor switch doesn't show instead with the GeForce GT 640 the multi-monitor shows. Maybe is is something also inherent to the graphic card?

Concerning my issue instead, I'm trying to have a quadro 570FX(38W) running together with a Geforce640GT(62W), but  i'm unable to boot the system which stops few seconds later the switch-on. Even upgrading the power supply doesn't helped! I think DELL should provide an official answer since the system specification clearly states that the system support up to two PCI-E discrete graphics cards thus i think that a new BIOS revision should be developed in order to fix the issue!

Thanks in advance, Riccardo

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