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Re: Studio XPS 435MT ... a new life with win8 and GTX 650 1GB DDR5

I think we're always going to have heat problems with the XPS Studio 435mt. The Radeon 4800 were good foot heaters and crashed a lot. But as far as adding fans and updated cards, it can still be upgraded. I recently upgraded a 435mt with an XFX Radeon HD7850 2gb PCIe3 and it runs great. Unbelievably cool.

But not all these large cards will fit because of the i/o inputs (front panel controls) on the bottom of the motherboard. I had to remove the fan shroud from the HD7850 to achieve a perfect fit. Some of the later 7000 series cards, you can't do that because there cooling processes (heatsink or fan configurations) are too large and in the way of the i/o inputs. XFX HD7850 2gb CNFC and Sapphire HD7850 2gb are two which fit. Because they have a heat pipe configureration to clear the i/o inputs. But PCIe3 video cards are compatable. We just don't get the whole beifits of PCIe3. I play a lot of first person shooter games (MoH 2010, Crysis2, BF3, CoD2mw, 2142, etc.) and I've seen my frames per second move from 25 to 55+ on the low side. How good does it get? I literally had to lower from ulta settings so my opponents won't dissappear into the high detail, lol.

I mentioned heat, is a problem. With the additon of the HD7850, the card problem with heat was solved. Heat just comes from new sources. The NB (northbridge chipset) and PSU. The NB idle was 145f and peaked at 175f+. These temps may be normal for a laptop, not a desktop. But there are some hardware solutions that helped. Evercool and Startech both make PCIe slot fans. And I found a Slinx ixn40c NB heatsink w/fan and a three 40 mm HDDbay fan that can bring more air in. You can find NB coolers on the internet (NewEgg & Amazon) with fans. I added one 80mm intake fan at the front of the case, under the power button. I routed the power to this fan directly from the PSU. The NB idles at 109f, peaks at 126f+ which is happy. I've been monitoring with SpeedFan, a free app. Makes some noise, not a lot.

I also change the PSU. To add a HD7850, card manufacturers recommend a 500w PSU. It's really overkill but I THINK they're thinking, if you add more hardware and peripherals along WITH the 7000 series card, you're going to need the added power to prevent not having enough watts and amps. I got rid of the small 360w 17amp Dell psu and installed a Seasonic 650w 52amp psu. It runs cool. No black screens, BSODs, or freezes (crashes). 

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Also, there is a guy, Col_Forbin on the Dell sites who really made me a student of the 435mt. Very helpful on upgrading. He helped me transfer my first 435mt to another case (infact, I was going to get rid of it).




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