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Re: Studio XPS 435MT ... a new life with win8 and GTX 650 1GB DDR5

I honestly don't know. I haven't subjected it to a transcendency test, yet. I can tell you though, aside from the glitches in Comcast's download speed, the visual graphics are superb. I'm trying to remember if the card's crashed and I can't think if it ever has. The OS has but not the gpu.

I spar with another computer (3770 i7/HD7950) on LAN and on high graphic games it does not flinch. It's really fast on high graphics. It had graphic problems with the AMD Radeon HD6750 1gb in BF3 and MoH 2010 developing less than 25fps (on internet). It studder stepped and warpped, lagging horribily. 128 bandwith and 1 gb wasn't quite enough as these games were requiring more memory to run.

Many people where saying, the GeForce GTX560ti & 560 2gb were sometimes lacking in frame rate per seconds (fps). The same with the AMD Radeon HD6850 and 6950. So when the prices started dropping on the 7800 series I started paying attention to blogs, websites as to what everyone was commenting about.

By now, you can tell I really like the 435mt. I've thought many times on ditching it but I can't figure a good reason why I should up grade to a new computer. It's an i7. I knew after blogging Col_Forbin (who fitted his 435mt in another case), it could take a HD7850.

Most of the hardware problems centered around the i/o inputs on the bottom of the motherboard. The bottom corner of the board hit the i/o inputs so I removed the Xfx HD7850 CNFC fan cover. It fitted perfectly. It doesn't overheat and the fan can be managed if you need it in the Catalyst Control Center program.

I tried to fit an HD7950 (I picked up to install in another computer) and it didn't fit. It was blocked by the new Ghost Thermal Tech unit. It doesn't employ the heatpipes the XFX HD7850 CNFC has allowing it fit over the i/o inputs. If you decide you want to put the large PCIE3 card in, make sure it can clear the i/oinputs because the 435mt runs superbly on the 7800 cards. PCIe3 is compatible with PCIe2 boards. It just benifit from the PCIe3 has to offer.

Hope this helps. 

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