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Please look at the list of processors which are compatible with Studio XPS 435mt.

Intel® Core i7 920 (Bloomfield)Intel® Core i7 940 (Bloomfield)Intel® Core i7 965 (Bloomfield)
Process 45 nm 45 nm 45 nm
No. of cores 4 (8 SMT) 4 (8 SMT) 4 (8 SMT)
transistors 731 Million 731 Million 731 Million
Socket LGA1366 LGA1366 LGA1366
L1 Cache size 32KB 32KB 32KB
L2 Cache size 4 X 256KB 4 X 256KB 4 X 256KB
L3 Cache size 8MB Shared 8MB Shared 8MB Shared
Clock speed 2.66GHz 2.93GHz 3.20GHz
Reference Clock 133MHz 133MHz 133MHz
Default Core Clock Multi 20 22 24
QPI Link Bandwidth (FSB replacement) 4.8GT/s 4.8GT/s 6.4GT/s
QPI Link Clock 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
QPI Link Multi x18 x18 x18
Memory Controller DDR3 800/1066 Triple Channel DDR3 800/1066 Triple Channel DDR3 800/1066 Triple Channel
TDP 130 130 130
EM64T support Yes Yes Yes
SMT Yes Yes Yes
Execute Disable Bit Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced SpeedStep® Technology Yes Yes Yes
Intel Virtualization Technology Yes Yes Yes

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