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Re: XPS 420 CPU Switched Off by Itself.

Thank you for your detailed explanation as always. emoticon.Smile.title

The computer still displays the very same symptoms, even after I tried your troubleshooting methods (reinstall the factory RAM and resetting BIOS). I confirmed that nothing is grounding out or shorting out the motherboard, and all motherboard capacitors are flat.

Now, it has worsened, up to point that I cannot switch on the computer and load into BIOS. When I switch on wall socket (without pressing the CPU power button), the diagnostic lights 1, 3, and 4 are momentarily on and the fans spin for a while (this is normal when my computer was running fine a month ago). When I press the CPU power button, the CPU switched off by itself, without showing the BIOS at all.

1. Other than checking the items as mentioned by you, how can I check whether the motherboard is faulty or not? I do not have any old good known working PSU with me or my friends.

2. I may purchase Corsair AX850 PSU ( to replace my PSU. Is it compatible with my rig?


Thank you for your information. emoticon.Smile.title My XPS 420 has always been the pride of my life. I really love to see it running fine once again.

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