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RE: Optiplex 9010 AIO Screen goes black and freezes on logout.

I'm not sure if anyone is still following this post or not but we are now able to replicate the issue consistently on almost every 9010 that we have tested with that has an I3 processor. We are not seeing the same issue on the 4 9010 I5 systems.

The issue is most definitely linked to something happening after a user logs off and this has nothing to do with drivers, bios, or even the version of windows that is on the system.

So far I have seen 3 different scenarios. 

  1. System completely crashes and reboots
  2. Screen goes black but is still back lit
  3. Screen goes completely black as if the system is off

If you log on the system and back off multiple times you will create the above situation almost every time.  I have seen it take any where from 2 - 12 concurrent log off attempts before the system crashes.

As mentioned before you can ping the system and even browse the local hard drive but the machine locally still remains unresponsive.  I attempted to stop windows services remotely to see if one could "jump start" the system but I found that most of them are locked up and will not allow you stop or start them. 

We tested our theory with 5 machines all running different OS versions, patch levels and bios versions (windows 7 (32), windows 7 (64), Windows 7 (thin pc)) to only find they all would lock up after several log on/off attempts.  We had a dell tech replace the motherboard in two of the test machines loaded them right back to the same level and got the same results.

For our final test we took a brand new 9010 out of the box, left it completely "dell" default and after 3 logoffs the system went black.  

As I stated earlier we can only seem to make this happen on systems containing core I3 boards.  We have 4 I5 systems that we have tried to make crash and so far they are working properly.  To me this seems to confirm there is something very faulty with the I3 boards in these 9010s.

We contacted our dell rep because we have 1000 of these i3 9010s and he is looking into what could be going on.  Just a little side note we found out yesterday that i3 boards for these 9010s are mysteriously back ordered and that you can no longer order an all in one pc with an i3 processor. 



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