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RE: Optiplex 9010 AIO Screen goes black and freezes on logout.

Hey Adam,

I can confirm that the DELLOSD patch did not resolve the issue. I experienced the problem several times in the past few days with the new patch implemented. Here's the good news, uninstalling the program altogether has resolve the unexpected crashes.

From what I understand, DELLOSD is a background controller that allows users to manage, store, and distribute data files across a cloud-based service. This is designed primarily for businesses that are looking for simple and dynamic solutions for data management. Uninstalling this program will prohibit you from using these features, but most businesses already have systems in place for data management.

Bottom line - Uninstalling this program is worth it if your experiencing issues related to unexpected crashes. However if you're using DELLOSD as your primary method for data management, then I suggest contacting Dell support.

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