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Hi captnawful,

Vostro 230 MT is shipped with the power supply of 300 Watt. However, nVidia Ge force 8800GT has the minimum power requirement of 400 Watt. You may need to upgrade the power supply. You may purchase the 4 pin to 6 pin PCI-e connector, please refer to the image below:

Hope this helps. Please feel free to reply for any further questions.

I already have the 4-pin to 6-pin connector, just can't find a place to hook it up to in my Vostro 230 PSU.  As far as a nother graphics card, I just purchased the nVidia 8800GT a vew days ago via Ebay.  The reason I went with this card, cause I found out that COD Blacks Ops 2 will not run on my current graphics card that came with my Dell computer.  Also from what your saying, I may need to upgrade my PSU.  I've check the internet and found so many PSU's it will make your head spin.  What would be the correct PSU for MY computer, if I have to go in that direction?

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