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Re: Dell Inspiron 570 Upgrade Questions

Thanks 🙂 I'm still a novice at OCing, so I'm not sure when I'll try that out. I don't have a non-Dell copy of Win7 64 bit home and I also don't have another HDD. I could probably grab one off of one of the other desktops in the house if need be, but that'd be such a hassle. So I may just stick with the stock clock speeds for awhile.

I do have the original case still, but I never tried plugging in the USB connectors. It's probably not worth it to go dig those out of storage because of the CPU/system fan errors though. Do you think the errors would go away if I cut the ends off of the old fans and then connected just the 3 pin connectors (w/o anything attached) to the mobo? Or do they have to be active and working?

Yes, you're right. I just wanted to have more control over my CPU and exhaust fans. I noticed that after i switched to the IceEdge in my first test, the fans never went over 50% even at extreme heat. So I wanted to make sure I could control them manually from outside of the case. I hooked the 2 CPU fans together with a Y cable and plugged them into a fan controller slot. That way I can control both at once or even just set them to auto on the controller. I did the same with the exhaust fans. The only things that are no longer connected to the mobo are the cpu fan, the exhaust fan, and the usb 2.0 connectors (and like 3 pins next to the power, HDD led, etc). 

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