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Re: Dell Inspiron 530 starts up 3 times


You've got a lot more patience than I have. emoticon.Indifferent.title

This is fairly easy to diagnose. Not sure why none of the Dell techies suggested this. What you need to do is disconnect your hard drive and boot to a bootable CD, such as your Dell drivers and utilities disc. If the system continues to boot three times, it's definitely hardware. I'm 95% sure it will and that you have a hardware problem.

So if that's the case, the first thing I would do is boot to the BIOS and write down the drive and boot settings or take pictures of your BIOS screens. Then follow the procedure to reset the CMOS in your manual. You must locate the 3-pin CMOS jumper (CLEAR CMOS) on the system board, move the jumper from pins 2 and 3 over to pins 1 and 2 for five seconds, then replace it. Then boot to the BIOS and restore your drive and boot settings.

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