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Re: Dell Inspiron 530 starts up 3 times

Hi RoHe -

Thanks for replying to my forum issue.  I've tried some of the items that you have suggested, but, unfortunately, none of theses have resolved the issue.  Here's what I tried:

I tried plugging the CPU directly into the wall, instead of into my power strip/surge protector.

I swapped power cables between the CPU and monitor.

Other than plugging the CPU directly into the wall socket using the upper plug-in instead of the lower one that the surge protector is plugged into, I didn't plug the CPU into a different wall socket.  The nearest wall socket would require an extension cord to reach and moving my entire system or running an extension cord to this outlet is not really a good option for me.

I disconnected my printer/scanner, speakers, and also the ethernet line for my internet connection.

I have not explored replacing the motherboard battery, but I hope to look into that soon.

Thanks for your helpful tips - let me know if you think of anything else.

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