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Re: Will not boot, persistent yellow light, Vostros 220

My thanks to Speed, Bev, and Rajesh for your prompt response. I wasn't expecting so soon a reply. I'm grateful..

On to the matter at hand. Seems I am guilty of every potential cause of my present predicament. I have wires, power strips, wifi, wireless devices to spare. Lately, I added an internet keyboard. Two days ago, in fact.

Rajesh, in so far as the power supply LED,  I do not have such a light on my Vostro 220.. Could this be a result of my installing the replacement power supply as I mentioned above?

On a second listening, I see I was in error about the beep. There is none. Just the spinning of the fans, as I mentioned.

I read he manual suggested by Bev and do intend to reinstall memory mods, and the other diagnostics suggested.

Speed, if this proves ineffectual how, short of a replacement, do I determine that it is in effect , the power supply causing the problem?

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