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Inspiron 570 and its monitor

I have an Inspirn 570 hooked up to a Dell monitor, which stopped displaying the screen, it is just blank. To be more specific when I start up the comuter it shows the startup screen, but when my Windows 7 Home would start loading the screen goes black.  The funny thing is that when the desktop is running and I turn off and on the monitor I can see my usual desktop, but only for a second, then the screen goes black again.

I hooked up the monitor to my laptop and it worked fine, so I don't think that the monitor is at fault. I also took my desktop apart (it's way out of warranty by now) and cleaned the inside thoroughly with a vacuum. That didn't help either. My guess (without knowing much about hardware stuff), that the videocard doesn't get enough juice. Am I correct? how do I fix it? or what can be the problem?

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