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The Windows.old folder that contains the files from your previous Operating system should exist on the computer. After re-installing Windows, the previous data is generally saved in the Windows.old folder in the C:\ drive. You can click Start and type C:\windows.old. Sometimes the files and folder are hidden and you need to uncheck the "Hide" Option.

Make sure you can see the Windows.old folder with the following steps: 
  1. Click Start, type:  hidden
  2. Click "Show hidden files and folders"
  3. Click to select "Show hidden files and folders"
  4. Uncheck the next three items:
       Hide empty drives
       Hide extensions from known file types
       Hide protected operating system files
  5. Click OK and look for the folder
       (Note: after you are done, go back and recheck "Hide protected operating system files." If you want to change the other settings again, you can do so.)

Let us know if further help is needed.

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