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Re: DVD-RW drive will not play any dvd's or cd's

When was last time you did  a thorough scan for malware? I'd do that next.

Once you're sure the system is clean, you can run a Windows System File Check (sfc) to make sure all the right files are in the right folders. You'll need a Dell XP Reinstallation disk that's exactly the same version as on your drive, eg XP Home or XP Pro, and it has to have the same Service Pack too, SP3. sfc is non-destructive, meaning your personal files and software won't be affected, but always good to back up first. emoticon.Wink.title

It's possible the drive has actually failed even though it's seen in BIOS. It may not be able to detect the media and/or the laser burned out. Can you find another drive to test in this system or test this drive in a different system?


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