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Trying to reboot after hard disc crash. Help please.

Hi, I inadvertently pulled the power on my parents' Dell OptiPlex 760 PC as it was shutting down. It now won't reboot (just goes to the Windows start up screen then hangs) and when I run a Dell systems check it signifies a hard disc fault (0142 &0146).

I am hoping that it just has a hard disc error rather than a complete hard disc failure.

I have tried starting Windows from last working configuration; Safe mode and Safe mode with command prompt to no avail. The latter brings up a screen of text (sorry I don't have the details with me) but no sign of the prompt, so I can't try running chkdisc etc.. Typing CLS to clear the screen does nothing.

I have tried rebooting off a Windows XP CD and using Recovery mode (both by going straight to recovery mode by typing 'R' and also going to Windows install then typing 'R') but the system hangs as soon as it starts looking at the drive.

I've also tried booting off a Hirem's Boot CD but then get a message that the CD drive is not accessible (or words to that effect), which seems very strange as it works with the Windows CD..

Any suggestions, please?

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