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Dell Dimension 2400 Blue Screen Of Death Error

Hello all, I recently made an effort to get my Dell Dimension 2400 back up and running. I stopped using it because I upgraded computers. But now I have a use for it. However I installed a new hard drive in it and started installing windows XP Home edition, In which I only loaded up so far in to setup until I got a Blue Screen Of Death. So after a few more trials and errors I attempted to make a last try. I used another desktop to install a copy of XP in which went perfect without any issues to speak of. So I reinstalled the hard drive into the 2400 and got a blue screen reading. " Techinical Information: STOP: 0X0000008b (0XF78B8640, 0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000) What could this be, I saw other people had this issue but did not read a solution. I cannot even get to the point of trying to boot into safe mode before the computer locks up. Thanks for anyone who reads this

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