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RE: XPS 18 Tablet not charging while plugged in??

kinda late on this thread, but anyways, My XPS 18 has the same problem.  Not even owned a year (mere 7 months).  Noticed it on 06 May 2014 and seems to me that many other owners noticed the problem around that time as well (odd).  When plugged into stand it will read "plugged in, not charging".  But when direct connected to PC it will take a while then read the charger and begin charging.  Though it has happened when it was direct connected and read "plugged in, not charging" as well.  This has been very bothersome and irritating.  All drivers are up to date in accordance will and computer.  Any help would be appreciated and I do leave it on the charger for less than two weeks at a time, so I do not think it is the battery...

If you're still under warranty, contact Dell Tech Support asap for assistance.

(And I pinged my Dell contacts again.)


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