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RE: XPS 18 Tablet not charging while plugged in??

According to the time frame in which everyone has reported noticing that their XPS 18 will not accept charge through via direct charge or through cradle tells me that it might be a driver update problem.  Since it seems to have happened with quite a few people in accordance with this feed and a few other feeds I found around the same time, it could possibly be due to a system software update leading to this problem.

Though mine is getting worse-- No charge at all through via direct connection or cradle. I killed my XPS 18 completely last night May 16 to see if it would reset anything; it did not.  Overnight I charged it through direct connection and it seemed have charged up to 30%. But as of now it is not charging and still reads "plugged in, not charging". I am calling DELL today after my college graduation to see what their solution may be.  Weather it be bringing it to the closest Best- Buy or uninstalling/re-installing drivers.  

Good luck to everyone else with this problem 

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