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RE: XPS 18 Tablet not charging while plugged in??

The XPS 18 does seem to have problems. My first one was fine initially but after a month or so would only charge in the dock. It wouldn't charge at all when plugged in. After contacting Dell Support and jumping through the hoops it was determined that I would need a new motherboard. The motherboard was on backorder for a month or so. Dell decided to replace the XPS18.

I got my new replacement in which was actually a newer model. After a month or so it would not only not charge in the dock it wouldn't charge when plugged in. I contacted Dell. They sent a part which was the back cover only. I contacted them and they sent another part. This time they sent a new battery which I knew wasn't going to be the problem. That didn't fix it. They then sent me a new motherboard. After the new motherboard was installed it wouldn't boot at all. So Dell had to send me yet another one.

This time Dell sent me a refurbished unit which was an older model. The newer ones have the Logitech Unified Receiver built-in. This one didn't which meant I had to take the USB receiver with me. It also filled up 1 of my 2 USB ports. I have had this one about a month. Earlier today I left for lunch and came back and it was dead. I could only get it to come up when it was plugged into the charger on the side. It doesn't charge or boot up when in the dock. It doesn't charge when plugged in. It remains at 0% but does come up.

So I have had 3 and all 3 have had power issues, one would only charge in the dock, the others would only boot but not charge with the AC adapter plugged in. It looks like I will be getting a 4th one. So year I think there is a problem with this model.

Dell support on this has also been rather horrendous. The last session on support was really, really bad. Synopsis below:

• 6.9.2015 – initiate a chat with Dell about a charging issue with my tablet. During the chat I wait and wait. When I finally get through I am told that I am in the wrong chat area. They saw that they can transfer me. They transfer me and I wait and then they tell me that I am in the same chat area and to call and they cut me off.
• 6.9.2015 – call Dell and get someone who puts me on hold for a couple of hours after I tell her the problem. Finally she tells me that Dell will have to order the part and will let me know when it’s in so the tech can come put it in.
• 6.9.2015 – receive email from Dell Tech 1 about the chat.
• 6.10.2015 – receive email from you telling me that I will need a new motherboard to resolve the issue…available 6.15
• 6.10.2015 – reply back that I will be out of town the week of the 15th and leave alternate contact person.
• 6.10.2015 – Dell reply back that you have updated the records with the alternate contact info.
• 6.11.2015 – email telling me that the part has shipped.
• 6.12.2015 – email from you telling me that the motherboard is backordered
• 6.13.2015 – email from you telling me that the motherboard is still in backorder status
• 6.15.2015 – email from Dell Tech 1 telling me that the motherboard is still backordered until 6.22.2015
• 6.17.2015 – email form Dell Tech 2 at Dell telling me that the motherboard is in backorder until 6.22.2015
• 6.18.2015 – I get a text from the person that I left as the alternate contact telling me that the part has arrived. He opens the box and tells me it’s the back cover of the tablet only.
• 6.18.2015 – I get a voicemail from the tech who will come by and install the part. I am out of town at a water park and not able to call him back. The alternate contact is never called. The tech never comes out even though the tablet was left and alternate contact was given.
• 6.22.2015 – email from Dell Tech 3 telling me that my repair has been completed and my case is archived. At this time no tech has come and the only part I received is a back cover.
• 6.22.2015 – I reply back saying that nothing has been done to fix the issue
• 6.22.2015 - email from Dell Tech 4 telling me that he is sending on behalf of Dell Tech 1. He wants to clarify that no tech arrived and the only part received was a back cover.
• 6.22.2015 – I reply back confirming this and giving him the part number of the back cover on the box.
• 6.22.2015 – Email from Dell Tech 1 letting me know that my motherboard and battery were supposed to be replaced and not to worry.
• 6.22.2015 – Email from Dell asking me to do a survey about my experience. I am tempted but I ignore this.
• 6.23.2015 – Phone call from Dell Tech 1 asking me about my tablet. Despite all of the prior communication she acts as if this is the first time she has talked to me asking the same questions as the initial contact 2 weeks prior.
• 6.24.2015 – Email from Dell asking me to clarify whether it charges on the cradle or off.
• 6.24.2015 – Reply back from me giving the details.
• 6.24.2015 – email back from Dell
• 6.25.2015 – email from Dell telling me my part has shipped.
• 6.26.2015 – another email from Dell about my customer experience…also ignored.
• 6.26.2015 – Call from the tech telling me that he has the part and will come by and install it.
• 6.26.2015 – Tech arrives with part. It is not a motherboard. It’s only a battery. It did not solve the problem.
• 6.27.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that you have sent me several emails that I haven’t replied to. I look and the only ones that I didn’t reply to were the surveys. I responded to all other requests.
• 6.29.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that the history shows only a battery was sent and the case will be escalated to a Resolution Specialist.
• 6.29.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that the Resolution Specialist in in a meeting and will contact me.
• 6.30.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that the an on-site tech will come and replace the motherboard.
• 7.2.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that the on-site repair dispatch is now in progress.
• 7.2.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that the part has shipped.
• 7.4.2015 – Email from Dell telling me that the part is ready to be picked up by the on-site tech.
• 7.5.2015 – Call from tech who comes out and replaces the motherboard and the system won't post. He explains that they need to replace the unit.
• 7.6.2015 – Email telling me that they are sending me another XPS18.
• 7.8.2015 – New XPS delivered. Now I begin the fun process of wiping the hard drive on the old system before sending back. It's fun because the system doesn't post so I have to remove hard drive to wipe.