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RE: XPS 18 Tablet not charging while plugged in??


  Sorry to hear about your problems, I've been there.  If it makes you feel any better I spent 9 months with HP trying to resolve an issue on a unit that was under warranty.  I had to start the process all over but got an exchange system after the on-site tech completely rebuilt it a second time.  What a waste of time and parts, and it amazes me that the system wouldn't fix.  Virtually everything in the system was swapped, twice!  So Dell isn't the only one that can drive you crazy.

  On a positive note (sort of) I was able to repair one of the 8 sick XPS systems under my desk.  I talked management into buying some replacement batteries, 2 or 3 of the sick ones just need batteries.  I can't swap used batteries between the systems as most are not owned by the company I work for.  Tomorrow I will send one working XPS back to its owner.  I can fix 2 or 3 more I hope, the rest would need mother boards which I do not have and they are too expensive out of warranty.

  The newer XPS models we are now getting do not have the 32GB mSATA drive so they can't be set up as RAID.  We don't have to have that, but it does seem to help with performance.  Is that what was different on your replacement system?  Just curious.

  I have noticed another interesting behavior on some of the XPS systems I service.  On some systems when in the BIOS diagnostics, the battery charge current will periodically drop to zero then come back up.  Not all systems seem to do this while charging.  I don't know that it means anything, it could be a different firmware for the charge circuit.  I hope it isn't related to the failures I have seen as these systems are out at customer sites.

  I'm still hoping to find someone that can help with info about the actual mobo fault that takes out the charge port.  If it can be reworked, I'd like to do it.  If someone can repair them at a reasonable cost, that would be acceptable as well.

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