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RE: XPS 18 Tablet not charging while plugged in??

Dell sent me a system board for my 3rd bad XPS1810. That actually worked...until I was at home on Saturday a couple of days later and heard a pop while I was on it. The system died and won't post at all. Now it's been nearly 10 days without a computer. Fortunately, I don't have any problem getting  a replacement computer at my work but it's a bit of a hassle to configure everything. Dell wants to send me yet another system board. I asked them to send me a new computer. They refused saying that it's only in their policy to replace the system with a new one during the first 30 days. After they have sent out major parts 3 times they will send a refurbished one even though last time they replaced it after one visit because it wouldn't post. For some reason the support reps tend to only call me on the weekend at my work number and seem to act surprised when I don't answer. I assume because they really don't want to talk to me.

I have always had excellent support from Dell. I am not sure if it's because this is part of their XPS line instead of Lattitude or OptiPlex but it has been as bad as any service that I have ever had. Dell also needs someone on their support team that can read parts schematics. This last time Dell was sending me a system board and a battery. I got the system board but the battery was a CMOS battery. If you don't know the CMOS battery is small round (watch battery). Of course, it comes installed on the new system board. They also sent a back cover instead of the system board on a previous bad XPS.

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