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RE: XPS 18 Tablet not charging while plugged in??

Hi Mairving,

I does seem like support is variable, good sometimes, spotty the next.  It doesn't seem to matter what company it is.  I have an HP story about a one-year long repair fiasco that ended with a refurb replacement PC.  It is a much nicer new model that I can't use my production image on so I can't send it to a customer.  At least we got something after all that time, I'll make a test bed out of it someday.

Several months ago I was told Dell would do a Depot repair on an XPS for me, but got a box that was too small for the XPS.  When I wrote and asked for the correct box I was told they don't do Depot repairs on the XPS and that I'd have to do another on-site.  I never did get the Depot repair but we eventually got a tech in that was able to fix it.  Then last week I had a them offer a Depot repair on another XPS that on-site was unable to repair, and they sent me the correct box.  I hope they actually fix it and get it back to me, it has been at the Depot for a week or so.  They have been pretty good for me lately. 

Hang in there and be decent, it eventually works out but you do lose time with problem repairs.  I never did find a cheap source of motherboards so I can fix the pile of XPSs with dead charge ports under my bench.  I did finally get some replacement batteries to fix a few of them.  By the way, on some of the XPSs they stuck the CMOS battery onto the back of the main battery with some wicked double-stick tape.  The newer ones I have been in seem to have the CMOS battery on the mobo as you observed.

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