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Upgrading Dell XPS 8300 - Need Case Change?

Hi all,

This is an older topic that hasn't received attention in a couple years (at least from what I have found). I currently have a Dell XPS 8300 Desktop with a Core i7 2600 3.4 GHz processor. I still have my original Nvidia GeForce GT 545 video card and the stock 460W PSU. I have upgraded some of the RAM from the original 8GB to 12GB by adding 2 4GB Crucial Sticks.

Moving forward, I would like to purchase a high end GPU with a power supply that would support it. At this point, I have chosen one of the following GPU's: MSI GeForce GTX 970, ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970, or the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970. With one of those GPU's, I have narrowed down a PSU to be a Corsair 600W or 650W unit (haven't picked exactly which one yet). With these upgrades I also considered upgrading the CPU heatsink fan and the 80mm rear fan to improve expected temperature increases.

Based on these changes, physical upgrading space has become my biggest issue. The GPU's listed above are each 10.5" or longer and 5.5" tall (rising up from the MOBO). The length isn't the biggest issue with the GPU, but rather the height from the MOBO. The metal panel on the right side of the PC, which is used for mounting the hard drives and disk drives, is approximately 5" or just over 5" from the top of the MOBO. For a 5.5" card, that presents the issue. Keep in mind that the length of the card would put end of the card under this panel.

Aside from the GPU, upgrading fans and the PSU is also tricky. Size constraints for the fan include losing memory space due to fan width. The PSU is restricted as well due to mounting cutouts in the opposite wall of the case.

Obviously this has become an issue. If it helps with answering other questions, No I will not purchase another entire PC just to avoid this (I like this one).

Based on the info I presented, should I try to squeeze in what parts I can into the XPS case and try to keep it cool inside? Or would it be better to pursue a more open and breathing case for the parts? I have scoped out the Corsair 200R, Air 540, 600T, and the Cooler Master HAF 912. I also read of success stories of fitting into the 200R through Tom's Hardware Blogs.

The 8500 and 8100 seem to have similar case sizes, so I have researched there also.

Any help/suggestions would be fantastic at this point. Thanks.

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