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RE: Upgrading Dell XPS 8300 - Need Case Change?

The Dell XPS 8300 is severly limited by the upgrades it can receive. I know because I have one too, with the same setup with the exception of mine having a AMD Radeon Hd 6700. You can upgrade the ram, fans, and hard drive, psu, etc. But you will encounter a problem with your GPU upgrade. As far as I know, The latest cards, AMD Radeon R9 200 series and the GTX 970/980 is incompatible with a 0Y2MRG motherboard. If you bought your computer prebuilt, replacing your motherboard would require:

1)One that fits your case

2) A Clean Certified Copy of Windows

That is because the OS of OEM machines is made only to work with your installed motherboard.

I know it is cruel. But, Dell can fix this all with a bios update for your motherboard past A06. Beta A07 will not work either.

You have an additional $300 that you will need to address these issues.

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