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RE: Upgrading Dell XPS 8300 - Need Case Change?

I will be honest with you, the motherboard itself isn't broken. It is the fact that Dell has no update for the motherboard bios. The dell xps 8500 has a motherboard that dell has created for it ( A10 as of writing this). The  bios for the xps 8500 supports (or can recognize the latest graphics cards).

Summary of all I said:

--- XPS 8500 motherboard is what Dell Supports, so it gets the latest and greatest.

---Grandpa XPS 8300 motherboard is a muscular macho man with great equipment, but can't function without the latest knowledge on how to utilize himself. (Because Dell stopped giving him knowledge since 2011)

  So when grandpa faces a brand new technology (The graphics cards, GTX 970 or 980. AMD Radeon R9 Series), grandpa doesn't understand how to utilize his new muscles.

Drivers are like (revisions to a law) and are more in depth of how the graphics card utilizes its hardware abilities.

HOWEVER, how can drivers help the graphics card, if grandpas brain doesn't even know what the new graphics card is?

This means that just updating or installing drivers will not fix the problem.

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