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RE: Upgrading Dell XPS 8300 - Need Case Change?

For starters, I am in the same situation you are in. I got a 1000 dollar xps8300 with my first job. You can salvage everything from your dell xps 8300, the hard drives, ram,  default psu good for a dedicated psu for your gpu. Power everything else with new psu. Microcenter is currently offering price matching for those building a new pc. *Use newegg, they will cry (prices are damn good).

*Warning: Microcenter is a stickler on people returning bent pins on motherboards due to processor installation.

Make sure you have some anti static bags( static shock will destroy components.

Cases on sale for as low as 49.99 and a good motherboard will cost 150-200. Go with ASUS for the motherboard.

*Upon research I have found that EVGA 970 or 980s may work. Without a mobo change.  Price match with newegg that sells em for 250-300. *But there is a risk it they may not work

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